Independent Reggae label: Nubian  Records primarily released records by Bristol Reggae kings - Black Roots. The label owned a record shop on Sussex Place in St.Pauls, Bristol. Nubian Records Formed in 1988. Nubian Records Ltd Former Address: 20/22 Hepburn Road, St. Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8UD. Black Roots Hailing from the St Paul's area of Bristol, the original eight-member band were formed in 1979 and quickly gained a large following by touring almost non-stop around the country, playing their brand of 'militant pacifism' roots reggae in the nation's major colleges.
Band Members: Delroy O'Gilvie, Cordell Francis, Errol Brown, Jabulani Ngozi, Trevor Seivwright, Kondwani Ngozi, Derrick King and Carlton 'Roots' Smith. Distributed By Nubian  Records.

87 Not Traced   NUBIAN NR 01
87 Black Roots Chanting For Freedom  (12") NUBIAN NR 02
87 Black Roots Seen Your Face NUBIAN NR 03
87 Black Roots Suzy Wong  (12") NUBIAN NR 04
87 Black Roots Let It Be Me NUBIAN NR 05
87 Michael Maggotty Last December  ‎(12") NUBIAN NR 06
87 Rude Lee True Princess NUBIAN NR 07
88 Black Roots Start Afresh  (12") NUBIAN NR 08
89 Black Roots Celebration NUBIAN NR 09
89 Not Traced   NUBIAN NR 10
89 Various Artists Nubian 4 Track Ep ‎(12") NUBIAN NR 11
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 12
Black Roots
Natural Reaction Remixes Ep ‎(12") NUBIAN NR 13
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 14
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 15
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 16
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 17
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 18
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 19
89 Not Traced NUBIAN NR 20
Black Roots
Chanting For Freedom NUBIAN NR 21