Independent label: Numa Records is Now a defunct label formerly owned and operated by Gary Numan. Numa Records Former Address: Shepperton Studio Centre Studios Road Shepperton Middlesex. Numa Records, which had been launched in a flurry of idealistic excitement, folded after the release of Numan's 1986 album Strange Charm, though the album did contain two top 30 hits (Numan's highest singles chart placings since 1983). In addition to Numa Records' commercial failure, Numan's own fortune amassed since the late 1970s, which he estimated at 4.5 million, was drained. Numan then signed to IRS Records. Gary Numan (born Gary Anthony James Webb on 8 March 1958) is an English singer, composer and musician, most widely known for his chart-topping 1979 hits "Are 'Friends' Electric?" (as Tubeway Army) and "Cars". His signature sound consists of heavy synthesiser hooks fed through guitar effects pedals. Distributed By PRT Records.

84 Paul Gardiner Venus In Furs NUMA NU 1
84 Larry Loeber Shivers Up My Spine NUMA NU 2
84 Hohokam King NUMA NU 3
84 Gary Numan Berserker NUMA NU 4
85 Caroline Munro Pump Me Up NUMA NU 5
84 Gary Numan My Dying Machine NUMA NU 6
85 Gary Numan The Live [ Ep ] NUMA NU 7
85 Hohokam Don'T You Know NUMA NU 8
85 Gary Numan Your  Fascination NUMA NU 9
85 Gray Parade Asleep NUMA NU 10
85 Gary Numan Call Out The Dogs NUMA NU 11
85 Braun Steve When I See Your Eyes NUMA NU 12
85 Numan Gary Miracles NUMA NU 13
86 Webb John The Experiment NUMA NU 14
86 Braun Steve Love Could Be So Good NUMA NU 15
86 Gary Numan This Is Love NUMA NU 16
86 Gary Numan I Can'T Stop NUMA NU 17
86 Hohokam Don'T You Know NUMA NU 18
86 Sharpe And Numan New Thing From London Town NUMA NU 19
86 Munro Lee Stereo Headphones NUMA NU 20
86 Gary Numan I Stell Remember NUMA NU 21
86 Gary Numan Emotion  NUMA NU 22
92 Gary Numan The Skin Game NUMA NU 23