Independent label: Postcard Records is a Glasgow-based independent record label founded by Alan Horne in 1979, as a vehicle for Orange Juice and Josef K releases. The label's motto was "The Sound of Young Scotland", a parody/tribute to the Motown motto; its logo featured a cartoon cat beating a drum. Although short-lived. The label's first release was Orange Juice's, Falling and Laughing, which was jointly financed by Horne and band members Edwyn Collins and bassist David McClymont, and was released in the spring of 1980. The label went on to sign such bands as Aztec Camera and The Go-Betweens, before becoming bankrupt in 1981. Horne resuscitated Postcard in 1992,. Orange Juice was a Scottish post-punk band founded in the middle class Glasgow suburb of Bearsden as the Nu-Sonics in 1976. Edwyn Collins formed the Nu-Sonics (named after a cheap brand of guitar) with his school-mate Alan Duncan and was subsequently joined by James Kirk and Steven Daly, who left a band called The Machetes. The band became Orange Juice in 1979. Josef K were a Scottish post-punk band, active between 1979 and 1982. The band was named after the protagonist of Franz Kafka's novel The Trial. Originally as TV Art by Paul Haig (vocals, guitar) and Ronnie Torrance (drums), later joined by Malcolm Ross (guitar, keyboards), with Gary McCormack added on bass guitar, who soon left (later joining The Exploited) with David Weddell replacing him. Aztec Camera was a Scottish New wave band formed by Roddy Frame. Formed in 1980. Postcard Records Former Address: 185 West Princess Street P.O. Box 546 Glasgow, Scotland G12 8NY. Distributed By Rough Trade.


80 Orange Juice Falling And Laughing POSTCARD 80 1
80 Orange Juice Blue Boys POSTCARD 80 2
80 Josef K Radio Drill Time POSTCARD 80 3
80 Go-Betweens I Need Two Heads POSTCARD 80 4
80 Josef K It'S Kinda Funny POSTCARD 80 5
80 Orange Juice Simply Thrilled Honey POSTCARD 80 6


81 Josef K Sorry For Laughing (Album) POSTCARD 81 1
81 Orange Juice Poor Old Soul POSTCARD 81 2
81 Aztec Camera Just Like God POSTCARD  81 3
81 Josef K Sorry For Laughing POSTCARD 81 4
81 Josef K Chance Meeting POSTCARD 81 5
81 Orange Juice Wan Light (Unreleased) POSTCARD 81 6
81 Josef K The Only Fun In Town (Album) POSTCARD 81 7
81 Aztec Camera Mattress Of Wire POSTCARD  81 8
81 Go Betweens  Your Turn My Turn  (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 9
81 Orange Juice Ostrich Churchyard (Album) (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 10
81 Secret Goldfish Hey Mister (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 11
81 The Bluebells Everybody's Somebody's Fool (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 12
81 Aztec Camera  Green Jacket Grey (Album) (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 13
81 Jazzateers  (unreleased) POSTCARD  81 14