Independent label: Priority Records was a disco label. Former Address: 90 Boston Place London NW1. Priority Records is an American based record label, owned and operated by EMI, and has made a name for itself dealing primarily in hip hop music. The Los Angeles-based company was 1985 by three former K-tel executives: Bryan Turner, Mark Cerami and Steve Drath. Initial funding was provided by R-tek, a company headed by former K-tel board members: Ray and Harold Kives, and their company took an initial 50% ownership in Priority. In the early 1990s, the label struck up a distribution deal with EMI, while continuing to operate independently. EMI bought a 50% stake in Priority in 1996, and the remainder in 1998. Despite EMIís full ownership, Priority continued to be independently managed company until 2001, when its operations were merged into EMIís major US subsidiary, Capitol Records. Priority was absorbed into Capitol Records in 2004, and ceased operations.In late 2006,Distributed By EMI, Priority BMG PRT Records.

83 Paradise One Mind Two Hearts PRIORITY P 1
83 Pietro Dinzee When You Get What You Wanted PRIORITY P 2
83 King Michael Piper PRIORITY P 3
83 Liverpool Express So What PRIORITY P 4
83 Watusi Brothers You Only Want Me For My Bodywork PRIORITY P 5
83 Paradise Love Is The Answer PRIORITY P 6
83 Norma Life Is The Reason PRIORITY P 7
84 Paradise We Can Work It Out PRIORITY P 8
84 Novak Sean This Is Your Captain PRIORITY P 9
84 Not Traced PRIORITY P 10
85 Once Upon A Time Passion PRIORITY P 11
85 Paradise Heartstrings PRIORITY P 12
86 Hurley Armando Music Change The World PRIORITY P 13
86 Reedy Winston Every Day I Write PRIORITY P 14
87 Walters Travor Betcha By Golly Wow PRIORITY P 15
87 Reedy Winston Reggae Man PRIORITY P 16
87 Heartbeat Tears From Heaven PRIORITY P 17
88 Nicole Canto PRIORITY P 18
88 Heartbeat The Winner PRIORITY P 19
88 Zap 'N' Go Yo Can'T Get Me PRIORITY P 20
88 Markee Dave Let It Stay PRIORITY P 21
88 Bbdc Kiss My Ass PRIORITY P 22
88 Ale Charlie Zippin' Up The House PRIORITY P 23
89 Future Shock Gospel Truth PRIORITY P 24
86 Snowmen Nik Nak Paddy Wak PRIORITY NAK 1
87 The Support Band Hi-Heel Sneakers PRIORITY LITE 1
87 Paradine Xpress  Hungry For Love (Remix)  PRIORITY PARS 1
87 Not Traced PRIORITY LOOT 1
87 Fingertips Billy ABSOLUTE  LOOT 2
87 Fingertips Be Young Be Foolish  PRIORITY LOOT 3
87 State Project Empire State PRIORITY EMPIRE 1
87 Gary Glitter  Rock And Roll, Pt. 3  PRIORITY GLIT  1
86 Gems Stand Up Sit Down  PRIORITY GEM 1
84 Paradise We Can Work It Out ?  PRIORITY PRADIO 8