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 Independent label: Probe Plus was a label connected to the Probe shop in Liverpool. the first ever Probe shop was on Clarence Street, Liverpool, and  8-12 Rainford Gardens Liverpool. Probe Plus is a record label based in Liverpool, it was founded by Geoff Davies, an enthusiastic promoter of small, unsigned bands, who describes the label as "Music to drive you to drink". The label was started in May 1981, its first release being the self-titled debut EP by Ex Post Facto. For years the label was based in an office above the Probe shop in Rainford Gardens. Due to a change in building ownership both the shop and label were forced to move and Davies set up office in his house. After marrying Anne in 1999, they moved house and he continues to run the label from there. Probe Plus has a number of bands to their name including Kelso, Dead Poppies and Marlowe. In 1990, the label released "Colours", the first single by No-Man, who later signed to One Little Indian and Epic/Sony. The label is perhaps best known for Half Man Half Biscuit, who have been signed to the label since 1985. Davies signed the group on the basis of a tape the band gave him, saying "I thought that if the tape was half as good as the titles then I'd want to record this group". The band's debut album sold over 50,000 copies, enabling Davies to plough money back into the label. Probe Plus was later home to a number of Welsh bands, including Fflaps, who released a Welsh-language album on the label. Many of the label's releases are produced by Davies and Sam Davis under the pseudonym 'The Bald Brothers'. Distributed By SRD andThe Cartel.

82 Ex Post Facto Ex Post Facto PROBE PLUS YY 1
82 Public Disgrace Toxteth PROBE PLUS PP 2
82 Ex-Post-Facto Oceanic Explorers PROBE PLUS PP 3
83 Bamboo Fringe Dorian Gray PROBE PLUS PP 4
83 Virgin Dance Are You Ready PROBE PLUS PP 5
83 Mr Amir Reasons To Live PROBE PLUS PP 6
83 Ex Post Facto Dancing Child PROBE PLUS PP 7
83 High Five Cold Steel Gang PROBE PLUS PP 8
83 Various Artists 6 Track Mini Album  PROBE PLUS PP 9
83 Pressure Drop Daddy Buy Me A Rifle   PROBE PLUS PP 10
85 Mr Amir No Place To Go (12") PROBE PLUS PP 11
85 Surreal Estate Midas Touch (12") PROBE PLUS PP 12
85 Mel-O-Tones Melonheaded PROBE PLUS PP 13
85 Gone To Earth Dogs Went Out The Window ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 14
85 Gone To Earth Live & Buried ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 15
85 Jegsy Dodd                                       (Poet Ranter With Music) PROBE PLUS PP 16
85 Brenda And The Beach Balls Volume One ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 17
85 Cook Da' Books Livin' For The City  PROBE PLUS PP 18
86 Walkingseeds Know Too Much  ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 19
86 Gone To Earth Blinded In Love PROBE PLUS PP 20
86 Half Man Half Biscuit Dickie Davis Eyes PROBE PLUS PP 21
87 Dodd Jegsy Always The Bridesmaid ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 22
87 Doonicans Fisherwoman'S Way ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 23
90 Cyclic Amp Concrete Island ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 24
90 Levellers 5 Big Friday PROBE PLUS PP 25
90 Half Man Half Biscuit Let'S Not PROBE PLUS PP 26
90 No Man Colours ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 27
91 Half Man Half Biscuit No Regrets PROBE PLUS PP 28
96 Calvin Party Mass  ‎(12") PROBE PLUS PP 29
96 Half Man Half Biscuit Eno Collaboration Ep  PROBE PLUS PP 30
99 Half Man Half Biscuit  Look Dad No Tunes (Cd)  PROBE PLUS PP 31
2001 Half Man Half Biscuit  Editor'S Recommendation (Cd)  PROBE PLUS PP 32
2002 Marlowe  It'S Turning Me On Ep (Cd)  PROBE PLUS PP 33
2003 Marlowe A Day In July PROBE PLUS PP 34
2003 Half Man Half Biscuit Saucy Haulage Ballads ‎(Cd) PROBE PLUS PP 35
2003 Marlowe  Popularity Gel ?(Cd)  PROBE PLUS PP 36
86 Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots PROBE PLUS TRIM 1-7
85 Farm             Steps Of Emotion  PROBE PLUS PRA 1

82 Cook Da Books  Piggie In The Middle Eight          PROBE PLUS CUTSY 1