Independent label: Proto Records was formed by Barry Evangeli and was a Hi-Energy dance label. The Proto Record Company Former Address: 7 Kentish Town Road London NW1 8NH. Barry Evangeli is a British-Greek Cypriot music producer. He was the Executive Officer for Proto Records, an independent British label with guaranteed distribution deals. At the time a young record producer by the name of Pete Waterman based out of the business. Proto at one time had considerable success with its sole exclusive artist, Hazell Dean. In 1984 Proto Records called upon Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Ware, a keyboard player, to write and produce the song Anna Mari Elena which would be the entry for Cyprus during the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 in Luxembourg. It was performed by Andy Paul and came in 15th at the event. In 1986 Proto Records closed its operation. Distributed By PRT and Wea Records.


83 Duncan Ariene I Wanna Groove PROTO  ENA 101
83 Master Jam Dancin' All Night PROTO  ENA 102
83 Duncans Gonna Stay In Love PROTO  ENA 103
83 Alexander Goldie Knocking Down Your Door PROTO  ENA 104
83 American Fade I'M Alive PROTO  ENA 105
83 Kaiser Roland Santa Maria PROTO  ENA 106
83 Binky Boy Everybody PROTO  ENA 107
83 Master Jam Freak With You PROTO  ENA 108
84 Hazell Dean Searchin' PROTO  ENA 109
83 Shygula It'S Much Better Now PROTO  ENA 110
83 Fleur La Boogie Nights PROTO  ENA 111
83 Broads Sing Sing Sing PROTO  ENA 112
84 Slip Don't Leave Me This Way  PROTO  ENA 113
84 Hazell Dean Evergreen PROTO  ENA 114
84 Ramming Speed When You Walk In The Room PROTO  ENA 115
84 Hazell Dean Stay In My Life PROTO  ENA 116
84 Andy Paul  Anna Mari-Elena  PROTO  ENA 117
84 Divine You Think You'Re A Man PROTO  ENA 118
84 Hazell Dean Whatever I Do PROTO  ENA 119
84 Impatience Slice Me Nice PROTO  ENA 120
84 Divine Im So Beautiful PROTO  ENA 121
84 Hazell Dean Back In My Arms PROTO  ENA 122
85 Hazell Dean No Fool PROTO  ENA 123
85 Legear Crashin' Down PROTO  ENA 124
85 Divine Walk Like A Man PROTO  ENA 125
85 Wind For Everyone PROTO ENA 126
85 Divine Twistin' The Night Away PROTO  ENA 127
85 Mirage No More War PROTO  ENA 128
85 Data Stop PROTO  ENA 129
85 Mike Smith Glad All Over PROTO  ENA 130
85 Divine Hard Magic PROTO  ENA 131
85 Divine  Medley PROTO  ENA 132

83 The Flirtations  Earthquake  PROTO  IAN 101