Independent label: Qwest Records was a joint venture between Quincy Jones and Warner Bros. Records that was started in 1980, and was probably best-known for bringing New Order to the USA. Shortly after AOL merged with Time Warner and Warner Music was officially spun-off from its parent before its sale to independent investors, Warner Bros. bought its half of the label and shut it down. The then-current roster was either absorbed by Warner Bros., dropped, or left in limbo. In 2006, select titles by Quincy Jones were licensed to Universal Music for distribution and re-pressed, but everything else remains at Warner Bros, including deleted titles. Distributed By WEA Records.

90 Jones Quincy I'Ll Be Good To Tou QWEST W 2697
88 Siedah Garrett K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (Fade) QWEST W 7928
87 Winans Love Has No Colour QWEST W 8147
87 Ingram James Always QWEST W 8274
86 Winans Vary Real Way QWEST W 8744
86 Vega Tata Miss Celie'S Blues QWEST W 8754
85 Winans Let My People Go QWEST W 8874
86 Patti Austin The Heat Of Heat QWEST W 8798
85 James Ingram It'S Your Night  QWEST W 9026
85 James Ingram Whatever We Imagine QWEST W 9165
84 Patti Austin Rhythm Of The Street  QWEST W 9266
84 Patti Austin Shoot The Moon QWEST W 9281
84 James Ingram She Loves Me QWEST W 9287
84 Mcdonald Micheal & James Ingram Yah Mo B There QWEST W 9394
84 James Ingram Party Animal QWEST W 9493
90 Quincy Jones The Secret Garden QWEST K 9992

83 James Ingram & Patti Austin Baby Come To Me QWEST K 15005
81 Patti Austin Do You Love Me QWEST K 17838
80 Patti Austin Every Home Should Have One QWEST K 17874
82 Alessi Put Away Your Love QWEST K 17949
82 Ernie Watts Chariots Of Fire QWEST K 17958
82 Alessi Jagged Edge QWEST K 17979