Independent label: Radical Records was a House label from London, UK. it's Parent Label was Street Sounds. Radical Records Ltd Former Address: 8 Springbridge Mews, London W5 2AB. Distributed By.

89 Virgo Do You Know Who You Are RADICAL RADC 1
89 Barrett John Paul Move It Better RADICAL RADC 2
89 M&M Get Off Your Butt RADICAL RADC 3
89 Out Of The Ordinary The Dream RADICAL RADC 4
89 Dj Fast Eddie Mastermix RADICAL RADC 5
89 Replay Michael Mania Medley RADICAL RADC 6

89 Ratpack Jaffacakes RADICAL PACK 1

88 Donell Rush Knockin' At My Door  RADICAL TRAX 1
89 Gotham City  The Batman Song  RADICAL TRAX 2
89 Knuckles Frankie Your Love RADICAL TRAX 3
89 Jefferson Marshall Move Your Body RADICAL TRAX 4