Independent label: The Rambert Record Company was formed by Jeff Merrifield. Rambert Records was launched in 1980 primarily to showcase a project by the band, Warrior, whose core members included Steve Hallford, Martin Jones and Roy Mette. Writer and musician Jeff Merrifield, who started Mette's career, assisted them with the formation of the label and subsequently issued Warrior's ten-inch single "Don't Let It Show" as its first catalogue release, RAM ONE. Other Warrior songs were recorded for the label but not released. Instead, Rambert Records turned to other groups in the Essex area to feature as independent talent.  Among these was the newly formed Picture Movement, a reincarnation of Les Campen and Kirk Austin's Hot Property.  At the time of the group's introduction to Merrifield, Les Campen was playing the field in the London band Parachutes, and Picture Movement's lineup was Kirk Austin, Jeff Fulton, Karl Stacey, and Chris Wall, the latter of which lasted in the group only ephemerally and then moved on to be replaced by Richie Cole, Rob Green and Paul Barber. The Rambert single had nominal (if any) distribution, and Picture Movement's music would not come into its own commercially until Campen rejoined Austin in 1981 as a duo called Still Life (the same name as the Rambert b-side). In the meantime, however, Merrifield released Austin's first official single, "Art Extravaganza," as Rambert Records' second ever catalogue release, RAM TWO.  Co-produced and engineered by the legendary Mike Kemp (co-founder of Spaceward Studios, London), the rhythms and style of the two songs on this single are an apt example of the school of '80s New Wave music that favored acoustic drums and electric guitars over synthesizers and electronic drum machines. Pity that Picture Movement's single did not have a wider audience. The Rambert Record Company Former Address: Grays Hall Orsett Road Grays, Essex. Distributed By.


80 Warrior Don'T Let It Show (10") RAMBERT RAM ONE
81 Picture Movement Art Extravaganza RAMBERT RAM TWO
82 Caplo Banaal Is This Love  RAMBERT RAM THREE
83 Shakers Prisoner Of Love RAMBERT RAM FOUR
83 Various Artists Tourno Italiano E.P. RAMBERT RAM FIVE
83 Split Grass Far From Perfect RAMBERT RAM SIX
83 Jungaloos Over Active  RAMBERT RAM


85 Turning Point Wave Goodbye  RAMBERT RAM 8
85 Invasion I Don'T Wanna Lose You RAMBERT RAM 9
85 Not Traced RAMBERT RAM 10
85 Not Traced RAMBERT RAM 11
86 20,000 Lemmings Can'T Be Wrong Colour Me RAMBERT RAM 12