Independent label: In 1983, Chris Sievey (soon to find fame as Frank Sidebottom, and formerly of The Freshies) released a 7" single on his own Random Records label. The A-side was the song 'Camouflage'. Chris had recently started programming on the Sinclair ZX81 home computer, and included three of his programs on Side-B of the 7", as audio data recordings - exactly as they would sound when saved onto a cassette for storage.
Two of the programs were versions of a game called Flying Train, for the 1K and 16K machine respectively. (Note: contrary to what's been written several times on the internet recently, the ZX Spectrum version of FT was never pressed onto vinyl. Sievey distributed this on cassette, The third file was an animated (albeit very basic, and BASIC) pop video for the song on Side-A. Distributed By Random Records Former Address: 3 Moorside House Oakleigh Court Timperley Cheshire WA15 6UG.

81 Chris Sievey  Camouflage  RANDOM RND 1