Independent label: Rational Records was a Small Scottish Label, active in the early 80s. Rational Records Former Address: c/o Gutter Music
19 Henderson Row Edinburgh. The Delmontes Formed in Edinburgh in 1979, The Delmontes released just two singles on indie label Rational Records: Tous Les Soirs (1980) and Don't Cry Your Tears (1981). Original members were Mike Berry (guitar), Gordon Simpson (bass), Bernice Simpson (drums), vocalist Julie hepburn (nee Hogg) and keyboard player Gillian Miller. Bernice Simpson later joined the Pastels. Visitors Band Members: Colin Craigie, Derek McVay, John McVay, Keith Wilson. Distributed By.

81 Delmontes Tous Les Soirs RATIONAL RATE 1
81 Visitors Compatability RATIONAL RATE 2
81 Delmontes Don't Cry Your Tears RATIONAL RATE 3
81 Article 58 Echoes RATIONAL  RATE 4
81 Mark, James & Julie Golden Duets [ Ep ] RATIONAL RATE 5
81 Rhythm Of Life Soon RATIONAL RATE 6
81 Rhythm Of Life Uncle Sam RATIONAL RATE 7
81 Various Artists Irrationale  RATIONAL RATE 8