Independent label: Raucous Records Initially based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, relocating in the early 1990s to Fleetwood, Lancashire. Was founded 1987 by Howard Raucous initially to release an EP of his own band Go-Katz. It has been long since established and released multiple records and cd's in the rockabilly, psychobilly, rock-and-roll and surf music genres. Raucous Records Former Address: St Peters Place, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6EB. Distributed By Backs and Raucous Records.

87 The Go Katz Nightmare RAUCOUS RAUC 001
87 Frantic Flintstones Bedrock RAUCOUS RAUC 002
87 Spellbound  Psychotic Sounds & Rockabilly Rhythms RAUCOUS RAUC 003
87 Caravans On The Rocks ‎(12") RAUCOUS RAUC 004
88 Griswalds Do The Hucklebuck   RAUCOUS RAUC 005
89 Deltas You Can'T Judge A Book  RAUCOUS RAUC 006
89 Frantic Flintstones Yabba Dabba Doo RAUCOUS RAUC 007
89 Termites The Termits (Ep) RAUCOUS RAUC 008
89 Frantic Flintstones Old Black Joe Ep RAUCOUS RAUC 009
89 Sgt Fury Cold Cold Sunday RAUCOUS RAUC 010
89 Nitros Running Out Of Time RAUCOUS RAUC 011
90 Rattlers Face The Fact RAUCOUS RAUC 012
91 Radium Cats  Pink Hearse   RAUCOUS RAUC 013
91 Mercurys Bop Pills   RAUCOUS RAUC 014
91 Deuces Wild Cadillac Rust Ep RAUCOUS RAUC 015
92 Sgt. Fury Psycho Vision ‎(12") RAUCOUS RAUC 016
92 Thee Waltons            Kangaroo Born Dance  RAUCOUS RAUC 017
93 Thee Raygunns Ready To Burn RAUCOUS RAUC 018
93 Sgt. Fury Caught In A Dream RAUCOUS RAUC 019
93 Cosmic Voodoo Devil'S Dementia RAUCOUS RAUC 020
94 Various Artists Riverside Rockabilly RAUCOUS RAUC 021
95 Hicksville Bombers What Kinda Fool RAUCOUS RAUC 022
95 Ricardos Ricardos RAUCOUS RAUC 023
95 Riverside Trio Just Alright RAUCOUS RAUC 024
96 Vern Vain And The Blue Vains Vern Vain Rock 'N' Roll RAUCOUS RAUC 025
96 Ricardos Slinky RAUCOUS RAUC 026