Independent label: Raw TV Products formed by ex-Wham! manager Jazz Summers in 1986 the label was responsible for releasing the early 'The Soup Dragons' releases. A distribution title (normally "raw TV") for releases under the "Big Life" record label, using the catalog prefix RTV. Parent Label: Big Life. The Soup Dragons emerged from Glasgow, Scotland,  The band evolved around Sean Dickson (vocals/guitar/songwriter). In early 1985, he met up with Jim McCulloch (guitar), Ross A. Sinclair (drums) and Sushil K. Dade (15 July 1966, Scotland; bass), the collective taking their name from a character in the cult children’s television programme The Clangers. A flexi-disc, ‘If You Were The Only Girl In The World’, emerged at the end of the year, by which time the band were circulating a demonstration tape, You Have Some Too. The Subway Organisation label issued the Soup Dragons’ first single, ‘Whole Wide World’ (1986). Distributed By Rough Trade via the Cartel.


86 Soup Dragons Hang Ten RAW TV RTV 1
86 Soup Dragons Head Gone Astray RAW TV RTV 2
87 Soup Dragons Can' Take No More RAW TV RTV 3
87 Soup Dragons Soft As Your Face RAW TV RTV 4
88 Soup Dragons The Majestic Head RAW TV RTV 5
89 Soup Dragons Backwards Dog RAW TV RTV 6
89 Soup Dragons Crotch Deep Trash RAW TV RTV 7
90 Soup Dragons Mother Universe RAW TV RTV 8
90 Soup Dragons I'm Free RAW TV RTV 9