Independent label: RCA Records is a flagship recording label (alongside Columbia Records and Epic Records) of Sony Music Entertainment. The RCA initials stand for Radio Corporation of America (later renamed RCA Corporation), which was the parent corporation from 1929 to 1985 and a partner from 1985 to 1986. In 1983, Arista Records owner Bertelsmann sold 50% of Arista to RCA. In 1985, Bertelsmann and RCA formed a joint venture called RCA/Ariola International. When General Electric acquired RCA in 1986, the company sold its 50% interest in RCA/Ariola International to its partner Bertelsmann and the company was renamed BMG Music for Bertelsmann Music Group. BMG brought back the lightning bolt logo that was last used in 1968 to make clear that RCA Records was no longer co-owned with the other RCA entities which GE sold or closed. The only RCA unit GE kept was the National Broadcasting Company. BMG also revived the "RCA Victor" label for musical genres outside of country, pop and rock music. Distributed ByRCA and BMG Records.

81 Landscape  European Man  RCA EDM 1
80 Average White Band Lets Go Round Again  RCA   AWB 1
80 Average White Band For You For Love RCA AWB 2
80 Floyd Cramer Themes From Dallas And Knot's Landing RCA JR 1
80 Hall Daryl & John Oates Running From Paradise RCA RUN 1
80 Salford Jets  She's Gonna Break Your Heart  RCA SJ 1

80 The Tourists  From The Middle Room  RCA FREE 1
80 Budgie Wild Fire ACTIVE  BUDGIE 1
80 Budgie Crime Against The World ACTIVE  BUDGIE 2
81 Budgie Keeping A Rendezvous RCA  BUDGIE 3
81 Budgie I Turned To Stone RCA  BUDGIE 4
81 Stevie Lange  Remember My Name  RCA  LIM 1

82 Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires Elvis Presley G. I. Blues The Alternate Takes EP RCA RCX 1
82 Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires GI Blues Outakes Vol II RCA RCX 2
82 Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires Elvis Collectors Gold Unreleased Studio Rehearsal Versions RCA RCX 3
82 Graham Parker & The Rumour Temporary RCA PARK 100

82 Eurythmics Love Is A Stranger  RCA DA 1
83 Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) RCA DA 2
83 Eurythmics Who´S That Girl RCA DA 3
83 Eurythmics Right By Your Side RCA DA 4
86 Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again  RCA DA 5
86 Not Traced RCA DA 6
86 Eurythmics When Tomorrow Comes  RCA DA 7
86 Eurythmics Thorn In My Side  RCA DA 8
86 Eurythmics The Miracle Of Love  RCA DA 9
87 Eurythmics Missionary Man RCA DA 10
87 Eurythmics Beethoven RCA DA 11
87 Not Traced   RCA DA 12
87 Not Traced   RCA DA 13
87 Eurythmics Shame RCA DA 14
87 Eurythmics I Need A Man  RCA DA 15
87 Eurythmics You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart  RCA DA 16
89 Not Traced Revival RCA DA 17
89 Not Traced RCA DA 18
89 Eurythmics Don'T Ask Me Why RCA DA 19
90 Not Traced RCA DA 20
90 Eurythmics Angel RCA DA 21
90 Not Traced RCA DA 22
90 Eurythmics King And Queen Of America RCA DA 23
85 Jo Boxers Boxer Beat RCA BOXX 1
83 Jo Boxers Just Got Lucky RCA BOXX 2
83 Jo Boxers Johnny Friendly RCA BOXX 3
83 Jo Boxers Jealous Love RCA BOXX 4
85 Jo Boxers Is This Really The First Time (You've Been In Love) RCA BOXX 5
84 Academy On The Beach RCA ACAD 1

84 Rick Springfield Human Torch RCA RICK 1
84 Rick Springfield Jessie'S Girl RCA RICK 2
84 Rick Springfield Love Somebody RCA RICK 3
83 Jonathan Perkins Silver Spurs  I'll Lay My Silver Spurs (She's Wrong)  RCA SPUR 1
83 Crack All Or Nothing RCA CRACK 1
83 Kenny Everett Snot Rap RCA  KEN 1
85 Kenny Everett Snot Rap II (Rapping Again) RCA  KEN 2
83 Bucks Fizz Run For Your Life RCA  FIZ 1
84 Bucks Fizz Talking In Your Sleep RCA  FIZ 2
84 Bucks Fizz Golden Days RCA  FIZ 3
84 Bucks Fizz I Here Talk RCA  FIZ 4

83 David Bowie Drive-In Saturday RCA BOW 501
83 David Bowie Life On Mars? RCA BOW 502
83 David Bowie Rock 'n' Roll Suicide RCA BOW 503
83 David Bowie Diamond Dogs RCA BOW 504
83 David Bowie Knock On Wood RCA BOW 505
83 David Bowie Young Americans RCA BOW 506
83 David Bowie Fame RCA BOW 507
83 David Bowie Golden Years RCA BOW 508
83 David Bowie TVC15 RCA BOW 509
83 David Bowie Sound And Vision RCA BOW 510
83 David Bowie Be My Wife RCA BOW 511
83 David Bowie Beauty And The Beast RCA BOW 512
83 David Bowie Heroes RCA BOW 513
83 David Bowie Rebel Rebel RCA BOW 514
83 David Bowie The Jean Genie RCA BOW 515
83 David Bowie DJ RCA BOW 516
83 David Bowie John, I'm Only Dancing RCA BOW 517
83 David Bowie Space Oddity RCA BOW 518
83 David Bowie Sorrow RCA BOW 519
83 David Bowie Breaking Glass (Live) RCA BOW 520
84 Murray Head One Night In Bangkok RCA CHESS 1
84 Elaine Paige Nobody's Side RCA CHESS 2
84 Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson I Know Him So Well RCA CHESS 3
84 Not Traced RCA CHESS 4
84 Elaine Paige Heaven Help My Heart RCA CHESS 5
84 Murray Head Pity The Child RCA CHESS 6
84 Elaine Paige Nobody's Side (Remix Version) RCA CHESS 7
84 The Fraggles  All Around The World  RCA FRAGG 1

84 Clannad Robin RCA HOOD 1
84 Clannad Now Is Here RCA  HOOD 2
84 Agents Aren't Aeroplanes The Upstroke RCA AGE 1
84 Helen And The Horns Footsteps At My Door RCA HEL 1
84 Helen And The Horns The Surrey With The Fringe On Top RCA HEL 2

85 Daryl Hall And John Oates Method Of Modern Love RCA HO  1
86 Southside Johnny And The Jukes Hard To Find RCA SSJ 100
86 The Blow Monkeys Digging Your Scene  RCA MONK 1
86 The Blow Monkeys Wicked Pack RCA MONK 2
87 The Blow Monkeys Don't Be Scared Of Me RCA MONK 3
87 The Blow Monkeys It Doesn't Have To Be This Way RCA MONK 4
87 The Blow Monkeys Out With Her RCA MONK 5
87 The Blow Monkeys With Curtis Mayfield The Day After You RCA MONK 6
87 The Blow Monkeys Some Kind Of Wonderful RCA MONK 7
86 Hall Daryl Dreamtime RCA HALL 1
86 Hall Daryl I Wasn't Born Yesterday RCA HALL 2
86 The Reverb Brothers (Someone's) Selling Off The Country RCA COL  1
87 Silencers Painted Moon RCA HUSH 1
87 Silencers I Can't Cry RCA HUSH 2
87 The Impossible Dreamers I Had Love In My Hands RCA LOVE 1
87 Shy Shy Sampler RCA SHY 100
87 Southside Johnny And The Jukes Tell Me (That Our Love's Still Strong) RCA SSJ 200
87 The Impossible Dreamers Running For Cover RCA CARO 1
87 Starship It's Not Over ('Til It's Over) RCA RCA 5001
87 Starship Beat Patrol RCA RCA 5002
87 Westworld Sonic Boom Boy RCA BOOM 1
87 Westworld Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo RCA BOOM 2
87 Westworld Where The Action Is RCA BOOM 3
87 Westworld Silvermac RCA BOOM 4

87 Elvis Presley  Ain'T That Lovin' You RCA ARON 1
87 Elvis Presley  Love Me Tender RCA ARON 2
87 Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit RCA JEFF 1
87 John Farnham Pressure Down RCA RCA 5000
88 Nilsson Over The Rainbow RCA HN 1

89 Bonfire Bang Down The Door RCA BONF 1
89 Not Traced RCA POP 1
89 Pop Will Eat Itself Wise Up (Radio Edit) RCA POP 2
89 Not Traced RCA POP 3
89 Pop Will Eat Itself Pop Will Eat Itself RCA POP 4

89 The Wedding Present Katrusya RCA WP 1
89 Don Williams  Just As Long As I Have You  RCA DON W 1