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 Independent label: Reachin Records was Founded by Dave Pearce. Run from a warehouse shared with Paul Gotel's Power Promotions.
The label was named after the track 'Reachin' by Phase II. Reachin' Records Limited Former Address: Unit 302, The Metrostore,
5-10 Eastman Road Acton London W3 7QS. Distributed By Reachin Records.

89 Pisces Take Me Higher REACHIN' PISCES 001

89 T.D.P. Ladies REACHIN' RER 001
90 Boneshakers Don'T Go Away REACHIN' RER 002
89 T.D.P.  Let's Dance  REACHIN' RER 003
90 Urban Hype Teknologic REACHIN' RER 004
90 Leon Andre The Truth REACHIN' RER 005