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 Independent label: Reality Attack Former Address: 30 Rotherfield Road Enfield Middlesex EN3 6AL. The Sinyx were formed in the summer of 1979 in the seaside community of Southend just outside of London by four young lads who had been attracted to the early anarcho-punk scene. They had named their band after an ancient Greek movement of anti-societal rebels known as the Cynics. In spring of '80 the early lineup of Alien, Auntie, Vints, and Paul Brunt played their first gig at a local youth centre with support group the Erratics to a packed audience of punks and skins from London and its surrounding areas. Increasingly linked to the early anarcho scene of bands and zines they began to pick up numerous gigs around Southern England often coming in conflict with those opposed to the group's uncompromising political stance. In June of 1980 the band recorded their first demo with one of the tracks, "Mark Of The Beast", being chosen by Crass to appear on the Bullshit Detector Volume One compilation LP. Later that year the band went into the studio to record a second demo soon followed by the departure of members Vints and Paul Brunts who were replaced by Nick "Filf" and John Edwards of local group the Icons (no relation to Icons of Filth). In 1981 the band would record their four song The Black Death EP co-funded by friend Robert of Reality Attack Fanzine and released on Reality Attack Records. In early 1982 Filf quit the band while two new members, Steve Pegrum and Andy Whiting, hoped aboard. In November of '82 founding member and vocalist Alien left the group, and not long after Steve Pegrum left to focus his energies on his other group, Kronstadt Uprising. With only Auntie, John Edwards, and Andy Whiting remaining, they recruited new vocalist Mark Bristow and drummer Donald, playing the odd local gig until 1984 when the Sinyx finally called it a day.Distributed By.

82 Sinyx Black Death [ Ep ] REALITY ATTACK RAF   1