Independent label: Receiver Records was a specialty division launched by Trojan Records right after it became an independent label again by way of Saga Music's divestiture of Trojan in 1985. Although some Reggae compilations were issued under this label, Receiver specialized mostly in releasing special album projects and compilations in the Progressive Rock, Punk, Oi! genres, as well as other anglo-urban musical categories.  Receiver Records Former Address: 12 Thayer Street London W1M 5LD. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

87 Slade You Boyz Make Big Noize CHEAPSKATE BOYZ 1
87 Slade We Won'T Give In CHEAPSKATE BOYZ 2
88 Slade Let'S Dance (1988 Remix) CHEAPSKATE BOYZ 3
89 Slade Merry Xmas Everybody RECEIVER BOYZ 4
86 Madonna And Otto Van Wernherr  Cosmic Climb   RECEIVER SREPLAY 3000
86 Red Beards From Texas I Saw Her Standing There RECEIVER RRS 1000
86 Red Beards From Texas Gudbuy T' Jane RECEIVER RRS 1001
87 Red Beards From Texas I Didn'T Know I Loved You RECEIVER RRS 1002
89 Future Enemies Of The Earth   RECEIVER RRS 1003
90 Not Traced RECEIVER RRS 1004
91 Obi Men Gotta See Jane RECEIVER RRS 1005
91 Crybabys  Where Have All The Good Girls Gone  RECEIVER RRS 1006
92 Madonna  Shine A Light RECEIVER RRS 1007
90 Toy Dolls Turtle Crazy RECEIVER TURT 101