Independent label: Recreational Records was a sub-label of Revolver Records, Bristol, were a record store and distributor (also a part of the Cartel group of distributors). They launched their own label Recreational Records in 1981 with The X-Certs 7" single 'Together/Untogether' (PLAY 1). The final release in 1982 was the 7" single by Animal Magic, 'Standard Man/Trash That Blad' (SPORT 8). Some singles were released in 7" and 12" versions, however 'Get It Right' by Animal Magic (SPORT 52) only came as a 12. In the early 80's they sent out at least 2 promotional cassette samplers, with Recreational Records headed press releases, featuring tracks from across the Revolver records catalogue & some possibly unreleased material. The second sampler included tracks by Scream & Dance, Ivory Coasters, Oxy & the Morons (with Robert Wyatt), Talisman, and Riot City bands Expelled & The Undead. Revolver Records 1, Berkeley Cresent, The Triangle Bristol, BS8 1HA. Distributed By Revolver Records and The Cartel.

81 X - Certs Together RECREATIONAL PLAY 1

81 Talisman Run Come Girl RECREATIONAL SPORT 2
81 Electric Guitars Work RECREATIONAL SPORT 4
82 Animal Magic Get It Right (12")  RECREATIONAL SPORT 5
82 Ivory Coasters Makossa Mungaka RECREATIONAL SPORT 6
82 Scream & Dance In Rhythm RECREATIONAL SPORT 7
82 Animal Magic Standard Man RECREATIONAL SPORT 8