Independent label: A student punk band, formed in 1980 and broke up in 1982. They made one EP in 1982. The Anal Fleas' were Dave 'Charisma' Cook (Vocals), Simon 'Sensible' Walton (Drums), Neil 'Yank Marvin' Carlson (Lead Guitar) and Jon 'Two Pints' Bloom (Bass). They formed (On the assumption that they could learn to play their instruments)  in 1980 at Southampton University. 'The Anal Fleas' four-track EP (Flea45) was released on their own label, 'Rectal Records', in 1982. 'Landlord', 'Go Down', 'Over the edge' were recorded in a single day at "Toucan Studios" in Hayling Island. As well as producing, writing and performing the songs, the band members helped to design, cut, fold and paste the sleeves, as well as numbering all the 500 copies which were available for sale, mostly locally (through the band and concerts), but also via 'Rough Trade' in London. Distributed By Rough Trade.

81 The Anal Fleas  Psyche  RECTAL FLEA 45