Independent label: An SRT custom pressing SRT cat number S83CUS1672. Exit was Formed in July 1977 as EXIT, their first gig, in November 1978, ended in a riot with the band attacked by the audience and their equipment smahed up. the riot made news headlines in the north of England and resulted in a trial at Lincoln Crown court. The presiding judge (who must have been at the gig) said the band had given "a disgusting performance" and that "it was a disgusting incident which is all too prevalent". the publicity resulted in a BBC Radio Humberside recording session in March 1979. They played 10 gigs, mainly in pubs & village halls around South Humberside and Lincolnshire but all very well attented due the high profile media publicity sparked off by the riot and the BBC session. The original trio re-formed in December 1981, soon afterwards becoming a 4-piece with a 'poppier' sound, including organ and second guitar. they released a single, "Planetoid Passion" in 1983 on the Red Beret label. In 1984 EXIT released another single "The Bite Of Winter"(Red Beret). Distributed By Red Beret Record.

83 Exit Planetoid Passion RED BERET REB 1
83 Exit The Bite Of Winter  RED BERET REB 2