Independent label: Red Energy Dynamo Records was formed by Benjamin Stedman. Former Address: 41 Dinwoodle Close Hulme Manchester. Tools You Can Trust Band Members: Ben Stedman (Drums, Tapes), Rob Ward (Vocals, Percussion, Tapes), Eddie Fenn (Drums), Phil Hughes (Guitar, Trumpet, Percussion), Claire Wilkinson (Percussion), Jill Richardson (Drums, Percussion), Martin Herring (Drums, Percussion), Colin Larn (Drums) Kathy Lou Patterson (Drums) Industrial/experimental band creating music from a mixture of drums and metal percussion, with only minimal use of guitars, and strongly politicised lyrics. They came from the Hulme district of Manchester and the group essentially comprised the duo of Stedman and Ward with other members coming and going throughout their career. Distributed By Red Rhino and The Cartel.

83 Tools You Can Trust Working And Shopping RED ENERGY DYNAMO S 101
84 Passion Day Mule Sluts RED ENERGY DYNAMO S 201
84 Tools You Can Trust Show Your Teeth RED ENERGY DYNAMO S 301
84 Tools You Can Trust Cut A New Seam RED ENERGY DYNAMO S 401