Independent label: Red Records was a sub-label of parent label Red Shadow Records The Basement 216 Randolph Avenue London W9. Distributed By PRT Record.

80 Real To Real White Man Reggae RED REDS 001
80 Heart Beats Talk To Me RED REDS 002
80 Wild Bunch Gina RED REDS 003
80 Spiders Mony Mony RED REDS 004
80 Flatbackers Pumping Iron RED SHADOW REDS 005
80 Real To Real Blue RED SHADOW REDS 006
80 Flatbackers Buzz Going Round RED SHADOW REDS 007
80 Spector Ronnie Darlin' RED SHADOW REDS 008
81 Dummer John & Helen Own Up If You'Re Over There RED SHADOW REDS 009
81 Real To Real  Mr And Mrs RED SHADOW REDS 010
81 Spector Ronnie Here Today Gone Tomorrow RED SHADOW REDS 011