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 Independent label: Red Rhino Records, also known as Red Rhino, was a British record label which was developed by the independent record shop and wholesaler of the same name, all formed and run by "Tony K" (Tony Kostrzewa) and his wife Gerri. It was part of the Cartel, a co-operative record distribution organisation in the United Kingdom, set up by a number of small independent record labels to handle their distribution to record shops. Set up at the end of the 1970s, it maintained its base in York (with a shop in Gillygate) and through the early 1980s, with the growth of independently produced music, expanded its business to a point where the wholesale side became the separate entity, Red Rhino Distribution Limited. It also developed, in parallel with the main record label, a small music publishing company called Screaming Red Music and the subsidiary labels Ediesta and Red Rhino Europe (RRE), the latter notable for releases by Front 242 and Butthole Surfers. The label was closed down with the financial collapse of Red Rhino Distribution in 1988, while its subsidiary label Red Rhino Europe continued under the name RRE Records (or simply RRE) as a subsidiary of Play It Again Sam. Distributed By.

80 Odds Saturday Night DOUBLE R RED 01
80 Akrylykz Spyderman DOUBLE R RED 02
80 Deadbeats Choose You RED RHINO RED 03
80 Unreleased RED RHINO RED 04
80 Distributors Lean On Me RED RHINO RED 05
80 Rhythm Clicks Short Time RED RHINO RED 06
80 Mekons Snow RED RHINO RED 07
81 Normil Hawaiians Gala Failed (12") RED RHINO RED 08
81 Distributors Hold (12") RED RHINO RED 09
81 Soul On Ice Underwater (12") RED RHINO RED 09
82 Unreleased RED RHINO RED 10
82 Soviet-France Ok Boys (Album) RED RHINO RED 12
82 Time In Motion Quiet Type RED RHINO RED 13
82 1919 Caged RED RHINO RED 14
82 Xpozez 1000 Marching Feet RED RHINO RED 15
82 Nod & Friends Dad RED RHINO RED 16
82 Dixion Steve Talking 82 RED RHINO RED 17
85 Hula Black Pop Work Out (12") RED RHINO RED 18
82 Time In Motion I Want To Be Your Telephone RED RHINO RED 19
82 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Beating My Head RED RHINO RED 20
82 Darkness & Jive Hooked On You RED RHINO RED 21
82 1919 Repulsion RED RHINO RED 22
82 Soviet France Norsche (Album) RED RHINO RED 23
83 Soul In Ice Widescreen RED RHINO RED 24
83 1919 Machine (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 25
83 Zoot & The Roots I Ate The Little Rooster RED RHINO RED 26
83 Darkness & Jive Furnace RED RHINO RED 27
83 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Take It All RED RHINO RED 28
83 Pulp It (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 29
83 See You In Vegas Work RED RHINO RED 30
83 Tronics Wild Cat Rock RED RHINO RED 31
83 Pulp My Lighthouse RED RHINO RED 32
83 Punilux Hold Me RED RHINO RED 33
83 Puniluk  Seven (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 34
83 Hula Cut From Inside (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 35
83 Skeletal Family The Night RED RHINO RED 36
83 Pulp Everybody'S Problem RED RHINO RED 37
83 Native Europe Searching For An Orchestration (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 38
83 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry He'S Read RED RHINO RED 39
83 Soviet France Mohnomische (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 40
84 Skeletal Family She Cries Alone RED RHINO RED 41
84 Skeletal Family Recollect [ Ep ] RED RHINO RED 42
84 Skeletal Family So Sure (12") RED RHINO REDT 43
84 Skeletal Family Burning Oil (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 44
84 Soviet France Elstre (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 45
84 Neville Luxury Feels Like Dancing (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 46
84 Hula Fever Car (12") RED RHINO REDT 47
84 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry This Today (12") RED RHINO REDT 48
84 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Monkeys On Juice RED RHINO RED 49
84 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 50
84 Muerte La Serialist Mystery (12") RED RHINO REDT 51
84 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Hollow Eyes RED RHINO RED 52
84 Hula Mumur (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 53
85 Skeletal Family Promised Land RED RHINO RED 54
85 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Chance RED RHINO RED 55
85 Hula Get The Habit RED RHINO RED 56
85 Skeletal Family Futile Combat (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 57
85 Soviet France Together Burning (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 58
85 Not Traced RED RHINO RED 59
85 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Spinning Round RED RHINO RED 60
85 Not Traced RED RHINO RED 61
85 Hula Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass RED RHINO RED 62
85 Hula One Thousand Hours (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 63
86 Hula Freeze Out RED RHINO RED 64
86 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Paint Your Wagon RED RHINO RED 65
86 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Walking On Your Hands RED RHINO RED 66
86 Soviet France Gesture Signal Threat (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 67
86 Soviet France A Flock Of Rotations (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 68
86 Not Traced RED RHINO RED 69
86 Not Traced RED RHINO RED 70
86 Hula Shadowland (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 71
86 Hula Black Wall Blue (12") RED RHINO REDT 72
86 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Cut Down RED RHINO RED 73
87 Hula Poision RED RHINO RED 74
87 Hula  Voice (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 75
87 Lorries Crawling Mantra RED RHINO RED 76
87 Brendan Croker Boat Trips In The Bay (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 77
87 Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins  Night Of Desirable Objects (Album)  RED RHINO RED 78
87 Creepers Brute (12") RED RHINO REDT 79
87 Hula Cut Me Loose (12") RED RHINO REDT 80
87 Not Traced   RED RHINO RED 81
87 Creepers Rock 'N' Roll Liqurice (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 82
87 Hula Threshold (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 83
87 Gun Club The Mother Juno (Album)  RED RHINO REDLP 84
87 Hula Cut From Inside (Cassette) RED RHINO REDC 85
87 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Smashed Hits (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 86
87 Rhythm Sisters Road To Roundhay Pier (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 87
87 Various Till Things Are Better (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 88
87 Gun Club Breaking Hands RED RHINO RED 89
88 Horseland Love Dies Again RED RHINO RED 90
88 Soviet France Shouting The Ground (Album) RED RHINO REDLP 91
88 Rhythm Sisters American Boys RED RHINO RED 92

87 Red Army Choir  Schizophrenic  RED RHINO RED 1B3
85 X-Mal Deutschland Sequenz RED RHINO EUROPE RRE 1