Independent label: Reekus Records was founded in 1981 by Elvera Butler who'd been booking bands and organising gigs for several years. Reekus was the home of The Blades and Big Self. They opened a UK office at Brixton Ritzy Cinema in the spring of 1983 but when their distributor went bust In 1984. They were left in a contractual mess and the debut albums by both bands were delayed until 1985 and the label wound down in 1987. Reekus Records Former Address: 77 Haddington Road, Dublin 4 Ireland. Distributed By Nine Mile High, IDS and Wea Records.

81 Various Artists Kaught At The Kampus REEKUS RKS 001
81 Big Self Surprise, Surprise  REEKUS RKS 002
82 Big Self Don'T Turn Around  REEKUS RKS 003
82 Camino Organisation Human Voices  REEKUS RKS 004
82 Blades The Bride Wore White  REEKUS RKS 005
82 Some Kind Of Wonderland D'You Read My Letter REEKUS RKS 006
82 Blades Revelations Of Heartbreak  REEKUS RKS 007
82 Blades Some People Smile  REEKUS RKS 008
83 Big Self Ghost Sharts REEKUS RKS 009
83 Blades Downmarket REEKUS RKS 010
84 Poisin Girls  Are You Happy Now  REEKUS RKS 011
84 Big Self Reason Smiles  REEKUS RKS 012
85 Blades The Last Man In Europe  REEKUS RKS 013
85 Big Self Vision REEKUS RKS 014
85 Blades Those Were The Days  REEKUS RKS 015
86 Aslan This Is REEKUS RKS 016
86 Blades Downmarket REEKUS RKS 017
86 Montage  When I Close My Eyes REEKUS RKS 018
86 Nigel Rolfe  African Flower REEKUS RKS 019
86 Barry Warner  Dancing Without You REEKUS RKS 020
87 Montage  Who Will Stop The Rain  REEKUS RKS 021
87 Montage  Swansong REEKUS RKS 022