Independent label: Regard Records a Sub-label Marketed and Distributed by RCA Limited Parent Label: RCA Records. Regard Records Ltd Former Address. 1 Bedford Avenue, London WC1. Haysi Fantayzee was formed in 1981 and consisted of singers Jeremy Healy (also known as Jeremiah) and Kate Garner, and Garner's boyfriend songwriter/producer/manager Paul Caplin. Distributed By RCA Records.

82 Haysi Fantayzee John Wayne Is Big Leggy REGARD RG 100
82 Polly J Why Don't They Understand REGARD RG 101
82 Still Life Away From This Town REGARD RG 102
82 CaVa CaVa Where's Romeo REGARD  RG 103
82 Haysi Fantayzee Holy Joe REGARD RG 104
83 CaVa CaVa Brother Bright REGARD  RG 105
83 Haysi Fantayzee Shiny Shiny REGARD RG 106
83 One The Juggler Passion Killer REGARD RG 107
83 Haysi Fantayzee Sister Friction REGARD RG 108
83 One The Juggler Damage Is Done REGARD RG 109
83 CaVa CaVa Burning Boy REGARD RG 110
83 One The Juggler Django's Coming REGARD RG 111
84 Kate Garner Love Me Like A Rocket  REGARD  RG 112
84 One The Juggler Are You The One REGARD  RG 113
84 Kingdoms Heartland REGARD RG 114
84 One The Juggler It Hurts REGARD  RG 115