Independent label: Retaliation Records 3 The Terrace Honley Huddersfield Yorkshire HD7 2DS. The band were formed in mid '78 by Tez  and Nog who was then the guitarist. They played their first proper gig at The Albion, Huddersfield on the 8th of March '80. The line up at the time was Tez-Vocals, Nog-Guitar, Trimble-Bass, Heppy-Drums. Around this time they recorded a track for the Huddersfield compilation cassette "Only A Northern Song". In 1980 they played 12 gigs all of them in Huddersfield. In January '81 they recorded the 'Systems Kill EP' the record was released in May '81 and sold out within a month. It was not repressed because Nog left in June '81. The new guitarist Marcus Dosspan joined soon afterwards. Marcus was arrested on a charge of theft and possesion of drugs. He was remanded in Armly Prison, Leeds. While he was on remand Tez's brother Sim took over. They played London (twice), Manchester, Bradford, Keighley, Huddersfield and Hull. When Marcus was released all five of them (Tez, Trimble, Heppy, Marcus and Sim) recorded "1000 Marching Feet/Terminal Case" for Red Rhino Records, this sold over 2000 to date. They got rid of Marcus because his drug problem got worse, Sim had a lot of work to do so they got a new guitarist Neil (formerly with "All Over The Carpet"). Soon after Neil joined Heppy left, they got a friend Andy Brook to stand in and he is now a full time member of the band, before Andy joined The Xpozez he was with "The Infected" and "Onslaught". The present line up is Tez-Vocals, Trimble-Bass, Neil-Guitar, Brooky-Drums. This line up had played 3 gigs up to December including supporting Dead Kennedys in Leeds. Distributed By Red Rhino Records.

81 Xpozez (Be My) New York Doll  RETALIATION FIGHT 1
84 Xpozez  Burntout Youth RETALIATION FIGHT 2

82 Xpozez  1000 Marching Feet  RETALIATION/RED RHINO  RED 15

83 Xpozez (Be My) New York Doll