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 Independent label: Rhythm King Records Ltd was an independent record label founded in the mid-1980s by Martin Heath, Adele Nozedar, DJ Jay Strongman and James Horrocks. Starting out as an offshoot of Daniel Miller's critically acclaimed Mute Records Rhythm King's initial focus was dance music - specifically house music, acid house, acid jazz. James Horrocks left the label at the end of 1987 and subsequently went on to form React Music Limited in 1990 which also had a focus upon dance music. This left Martin Heath in sole charge of the label; however by the beginning of 1988 Rhythm King was to enjoy a period of short term success which went hand in hand with the dominance dance music had in the UK singles chart from the late 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s. The commercial success of Rhythm King enabled it to link a distribution deal with Sony Records subsidiary Epic Records. Rhythm King was no longer associated with Mute Records from 1991. Rhythm King's distribution deal with Sony Records expired around 1995/96 so a new deal with BMG's Arista Records was signed in 1996. Rhythm King was subsequently closed down and merged into the main Arista label.  Distributed By Mute Records Ltd, Sony and BMG Records.

86 Q-Pid & Nikki D My Latin Lover RHYTHM KING LEFT 1
86 Dr Fresh Is This The American Dream (12") RHYTHM KING LEFT 2
86 Three Wise Men Urban Hell RHYTHM KING LEFT 3
87 Rome Toney Rock This Way RHYTHM KING LEFT 4
87 Not Traced RHYTHM KING LEFT 5
87 Bailey & Bridges Come And Get My Love RHYTHM KING LEFT 6
87 Three Wise Men Refresh Yourself (12") RHYTHM KING LEFT 7
87 Renegade Soundwave Kray Twins RHYTHM KING LEFT 8
87 Dance Motto Tell Jack  RHYTHM KING LEFT 9
87 Hotline Rock This House RHYTHM KING LEFT 10
87 Beatmasters & Cookie Crew Rok De House RHYTHM KING LEFT 11
87 Cookie Crew Females RHYTHM KING LEFT 12
87 Shawnie G Mission Impossible RHYTHM KING LEFT 13
87 Pablo Gad Who'S The Terrorist  RHYTHM KING LEFT 14
87 Gwen Mccrae Funky Sensation  RHYTHM KING LEFT 15
87 Not Traced RHYTHM KING LEFT 16
87 Hotline House Of Hell RHYTHM KING LEFT 17
87 Not Traced RHYTHM KING LEFT 18
88 Three Wise Men Crusing RHYTHM KING LEFT 19
88 Renegade Soundwave Cocaine Sex RHYTHM KING LEFT 20
88 S Express Theme From S Express RHYTHM KING LEFT 21
88 Merlin Born Free RHYTHM KING LEFT 22
88 Wills Viola These Things Happen RHYTHM KING LEFT 23
88 Hotline Stay Away RHYTHM KING LEFT 24
88 Not Traced RHYTHM KING LEFT 25
88 Safire Let Me Be The One RHYTHM KING LEFT 26
88 Beatmasters Burn It Up RHYTHM KING  LEFT 27
88 S Express Superfly Guy RHYTHM KING LEFT 28
88 Strongman Jay East West RHYTHM KING LEFT 29
89 S Express Hey Music Lover RHYTHM KING LEFT 30
89 Beatmasters Who'S In The House RHYTHM KING LEFT 31
89 Merlin Drop The Weapon (Ep) RHYTHM KING LEFT 32
89 Les Negresses Vertes The Fly (Zobi La Mouche) RHYTHM KING LEFT 33
89 Beatmasters Hey Dj I Cant Dance RHYTHM KING  LEFT 34
89 S Express Mantra For State Of Mind RHYTHM KING LEFT 35
89 Not Traced RHYTHM KING  LEFT 36
89 Beatmasters Warm Love RHYTHM KING  LEFT 37
89 Not Traced RHYTHM KING  LEFT 38
90 Boo Betty Doin' The Do RHYTHM KING  LEFT 39
90 Not Traced RHYTHM KING  LEFT 40
90 Not Traced RHYTHM KING  LEFT 41
90 Not Traced RHYTHM KING  LEFT 42
90 Boo Betty Where Are You Baby RHYTHM KING  LEFT 43
90 Beatmasters Dunno What It Is RHYTHM KING  LEFT 44
90 Boo Betty 24 Hours RHYTHM KING  LEFT 45
96 Sludge Nation Wisehead EP ?(CD) RHYTHM KING  LEFT 46
96 Sludge Nation Blow Your Speakers With Sludge Nation ?(CD) RHYTHM KING  LEFT 47
97 Sludge Nation Monkey On My Back RHYTHM KING  LEFT 48
97 Sludge Nation One Last Rush RHYTHM KING  LEFT 49
88 Baby Ford  Oochy Koochy RHYTHM KING 7BFORD 1
88 Baby Ford  Chikka Chikka Ahh Ahh RHYTHM KING 7BFORD 2
89 Baby Ford  Ford Trax (Album) RHYTHM KING BFORD 3
89 Baby Ford  Children Of The Revolution RHYTHM KING BFORD 4
90 Baby Ford  The World Of Ooo (Album) RHYTHM KING BFORD 5
90 Baby Ford  Beach Bump RHYTHM KING 7BFORD 6
88 Bomb The Bass Beat Dis RHYTHM KING DOOD 1
88 Bomb The Bass Megablast RHYTHM KING DOOD 2
88 Bomb The Bass Say A Little Prayer RHYTHM KING DOOD 3
89 Bomb The Bass I Can'T Stop RHYTHM KING DOOD 4
86 Taffy I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) RHYTHM KING TYPE 1
87 Fehlmann's Ready Made Ready Made TRANS GLOBAL TYPE 2
87 Hard Core Lucky Charm SONOSCOPE TYPE 3
87 Ccp A Solution RHYTHM KING TYPE 4
87 Taffy Step By Step  RHYTHM KING TYPE 5