Independent label: Rhythmic Records was formed by the band Portion Control. Rhythmic Records Former Address 50 Ernest Road, Wivenhoe, Colchester, Essex. Portion Control first formed in 1980 and the original incarnation of the group existed until 1987. They released a variety of seminal recordings on a variety of indie labels, some self-produced but mainly on Illuminated Records, as well as Rhythmic Records and Dead Man's Curve. In 1984 the band supported Depeche Mode on their UK and European tour. In early 1987 Portion Control joined the management roster of Tom Watkins and signed a record deal with London Records and promptly vanished. Distributed By The Cartel.

82 Troops For Tomorrow Songs Of Joy & Faith RHYTHMIC RMNS 1
83 Living In Texas And David Cried RHYTHMIC RMNS 2
83 Distant Drums Perfect Eyes RHYTHMIC RMNS 3
83 Irrelevant Time If You Were Here RHYTHMIC RMNS 4
84 Claudia Don'T Give Up Your Love RHYTHMIC 7RMIC 005
85 Harris Elena Imagination RHYTHMIC 7RMIC 006
85 Portion Control The Great Divide RHYTHMIC 7RMIC 007
85 Not Traced RHYTHMIC 7RMIC 008
85 Claudia Hold On RHYTHMIC 7RMIC 009