Independent label: Age of Chance first came to national attention in 1985, when their debut single, "Motorcity/ Everlasting Yeah" released on their own label, Riot Bible. Age Of Chance Were A British Alternative Rock-Dance Crossover Band From Leeds, England, Active From 1985 To 1991. They Were Perhaps Most Known For Their Mutant Metallic Cover Of Prince'S "Kiss". Musically They Were A Sonic Collision Of Punk, Hip Hop, Industrial Rock And Northern Soul. Steven E Provided A Distinctive Strident Nasal Vocal Style, Often Employing A Megaphone. He Left The Band Before 'Mecca'. Band line-up was Steven Elvidge (mob-orator), Geoff Taylor (all nite bass frequencies), Neil Howson (power-noise generator), Jan Perry (beat dominator), Charles Hutchinson (singer on Mecca). Distributed By The Cartel.

86 Age Of Chance The Twilight World Of Sonic Disco RIOT BIBLE BIBLE 001
86 Age Of Chance Bible Of The Beats  RIOT BIBLE BIBLE 002

85 Age Of Chance Motor City RIOT BIBLE  RIOT 1
86 Age Of Chance Bible Of The Beast RIOT BIBLE  RIOT 002