Independent label: Riot City Records was a Bristol-based label set up Simon Edwards, Dave Bateman and Shane Baldwinin in the late 1980 between punk band Vice Squad and Heartbeat Records "for the release of music from bands riding the second wave of punk". Originally it had been the bands' intention to select the bands who would record for the label, though during the first year of operation touring commitments dictated little output, and following just four releases, control was returned Heartbeat. In its four years of activity the label saw an explosion of British punk music, releasing some 33 singles, and 12 albums during its reign, regularly dominating the Independent Chart. A Spin off label Riot State introduced the UK to American punk, with the compilation album "Hell comes to your House" during 1982. Riot City received its share of criticism, with journalist Garry Bushell describing the label as "the dustbin of punk", and members of Crass accusing the label of being the "back door to EMI" (Vice Squad had gone on to sign with EMI / Zonophone label and used Z series cat numbers). Riot City folded in the late-1984 and label boss Edwards continued with his job as a route planner with the AA. In 1994 he returned to the music industry as head of Trash City Records. is a punk band formed in 1978 in Bristol, with an initial line-up of Beki Bondage (vocals), Dave Bateman (guitar), Mark Hambly (bass guitar) and Shane Baldwin (drums), Riot City Records Former Address: 4 Melrose Place Bristol 8. Distributed By EMI, Rough Trade and The Cartel.


80 Vice Squad Last Rockers RIOT CITY RIOT 1
81 Vice Squad Resurrection RIOT CITY RIOT 2
82 Insane Politics RIOT CITY RIOT 3
82 Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 4
82 Court Martial Gotta Get Out (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 5
82 Chaos U.K. Burning Britain (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 6
82 Undead It's Corruption RIOT CITY RIOT 7
82 Expelled Dreaming RIOT CITY RIOT 8
82 Abrasive Wheel Army Song RIOT CITY RIOT 9
82 Chaotic Dischord Fuck The World (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 10
82 Court Martial No Solution (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 11
82 Chaos U.K. Loud Political And Uncompromising (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 12
82 Mayhem Gentle Murder (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 13
82 Ejected Have  You Got 10p (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 14
82 Undead Dead Revolution (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 15
82 Abrasive Wheel Burn The School RIOT CITY RIOT 16
82 Expelled Government City RIOT CITY RIOT 17
82 Resistance 77 Nowhere To Play (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 18
82 Ejected Noise For The Boys  (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 19
83 No Choice Sadist Dream (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 20
83 Emergency Points Of View (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 21
83 Chaotic Dischord Never Trust A Friend (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 22
83 Sex Aids Back On The Piss Again (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 23
83 Mayhem Pulling Puppet Strings (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 24
83 Ultra Violent Crime For Revenge (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 25
83 Underdogs East Of Dachau  RIOT CITY RIOT 26
83 Varukas Die For Your Government (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 27
83 Ejected Press The Button (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 28
84 Varukas Led To The Slaghter (EP) RIOT CITY RIOT 29

82 Vice Squad Out Of Reach (EP) RIOT CITY Z 26
82 Vice Squad Stand Strong (EP) RIOT CITY Z 30
82 Vice Squad State Of The Nation (EP) RIOT CITY Z 34