Independent label: Riot/Clone Records Former Address: PO Box 2795, London NW10 9 AY. Due to financial problems in 1984 Riot/Clone Records was threatened with legal action for debts and the sales of  EP RCR 004 would decide the future of the label.Riot/Clone was a punk band often associated with the anarcho-punk scene, active from 19791983 and then revived in the early 90's until they split up again in 2005. The band were originally known as Riot but the name became Riot/Clone after two members of the original lineup wanted the band's name to become Clone. They were formed by Dave Floyd in August 1979. They went through many line-up changes in the first few years, something which contributed greatly to them being almost unheard of outside their native West London. Their first two cassette albums, Musical Destruction (1980) and Crime Pays (1981) were only ever released in very small quantities, and it was only when they finally got the money together to release an EP in April 1982 (There's No Government Like No Government) did they make the jump to a wider audience, the EP completely selling out within three weeks. A track from that EP, "Death to Humanity", was also included on the compilation album, Punk & Disorderly - Further Charges. All royalties from this release were donated to the ALF, and Riot/Clone had the record company state exactly that on the cover. Two more EPs followed. August 1982 saw the release of "Destroy the Myth of Musical Destruction" and after many unfortunate delays, their third EP, "Blood on Your Hands?", finally came out in January 1984, however the band's line-up had disintegrated a couple of months earlier. Distributed By Riot/Clone Records.

82 Riot Clone There's No Government Like No Government RIOT/CLONE RC 001
82 Riot Clone Destroy The Myth Of Musical Destruction RIOT/CLONE RC 002
83 Lost Cherries Stop Fighting, Stop War, No More [Ep] RIOT/CLONE RCR 003
84 Riot Clone Blood On Your Hands [Ep] RIOT/CLONE RCR 004