Independent label: Rise Above Records was founded in 1988 by then Napalm Death vocalist Lee Dorrian. It was started as part of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme and its initial aim was to release a few very limited edition hardcore punk 7"s. As time has moved on Rise Above Records nowadays releases an eclectic mix of underground rock from Doom Metal to Acid Folk and classic styled Progressive rock and Proto Metal. The prime motive of the label is to put out interesting releases by bands that they actually like! Subsidiary label Rise Above Relics specialises in detailed reissues and unreleased recordings from the golden days of underground rock and folk music (late 60s/early 70s). Rise Above Records main artists include Electric Wizard, Ghost, Witchcraft, Blood Ceremony as well as recent signings Uncle Acid & the Deabeats and Purson. Sublabel: Rise Above Relics Parent Label: Rise Above Ltd. Rise Above Records Former Address: P.O.Box 178 Coventry CV1 5TG. And Unit 2 25 Horsell Road London N5 1XL. Napalm Death was Formed in Birmingham, UK in 1982, by Nik Bullen. Napalm Death were originally one of the bands that defined the UK hardcore thrash/punk sound of the mid-late 1980s, along with bands such as Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Sore Throat. The band has gone through countless line-ups and many former members have gone on to become significant figures in a variety of musical scenes. Although their debut album "Scum" featured members Justin Broadrick (who was also a member of Fall Of Because, the band that later became Godflesh, at the time) and Nik Bullen (later part of Scorn), the first stable line up consisted of Lee Dorrian (vocals), Bill Steer (guitar), Mick Harris (drums) and Shane Embury (bass). Distributed By Rise Above Records .

89 Napalm Death Napalm Death Live  RISE ABOVE RISE 001
89 S.O.B. Thrash Night RISE ABOVE RISE 002
90 Long Cold Stare Tired Eyes (Album) RISE ABOVE RISE 003
90 S.O.B. What's The Truth (Album) RISE ABOVE RISE 4
91 Various Artists Dark Passages (Album) RISE ABOVE RISE 5
91 Revelation Salvations Answer (Album) RISE ABOVE RISE 6
92 Penance The Road Less Travelled (Album)   RISE ABOVE RISE 7
94 Cathedral In Memorium (12") RISE ABOVE RISE 8
94 Electric Wizard Electric Wizard (Album) RISE ABOVE RISE 9
95 Mourn  Mourn (Album)  RISE ABOVE RISE 10
95 Electric Wizard Demon Lung RISE ABOVE RISE 11