Independent label: April South was from From Fermanagh Ireland formed in 1981and was a Heavy Metal / Pop Metal band. Lineup: April South - vocals, bass Gerry Curtiz - electric fiddle, rhythm guitar Brian McBreen - lead guitar  Alfie Dowd - drums.  April South recorded a handful of singles in the early 80s, all of which are sought after now, especially the three Rockelly releases of 1980-81. All records was pressed by Ellie Jay Records cat number were EJSP 9470, EJSP 9730, and EJSP 9608. Distributed By Rockelly Records.

80 April South Light of Love ROCKELLY RKR 10780
81 April South Heroes of the Night ROCKELLY RKR 10781

81 April South Love and Inspiration ROCKELLY RKR 10381