Independent label: Rockin' Horse Records was a  small indie label and was eventually bought up by Arista Records. Blue Zone UK was an 1980s British band. The group consisted of: Lisa Stansfield: lead vocals. Ian Devaney: trombone, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals. Andy Morris: trumpet, flugelhorn, electronic keyboards and backing vocals. Latin Quarter were a British band of the 1980s and 1990s. The line-up in their 1986 heyday was Steve Skaith (main vocals, guitar), Richard Wright (guitar, vocals), Michael Jones (lyrics, some backing vocals), Greg Harewood (bass), Yona Dunsford (vocals, keyboards), Carole Douet (vocals, percussion), Martin Lascelles (keyboards) and Dave Charles (drums). Distributed By CBS and Arista Records.

85 Latin Quarter Toulouse ROCKIN' HORSE RH 101
85 Latin Quarter Radio Africa ROCKIN' HORSE RH 102
85 Lindenberg Udo Germans ROCKIN' HORSE RH 103
85 Latin Quarter The New Millionaires ROCKIN' HORSE RH 104
85 Latin Quarter No Rope As Long ROCKIN' HORSE RH 105
86 Pilkington Foster In The Town ROCKIN' HORSE RH 106
86 Blue Zone Love Will Wait ROCKIN' HORSE RH 107
86 Latin Quarter Modern Times ROCKIN' HORSE RH 108
86 Blue Zone Finest Thing ROCKIN' HORSE RH 109
86 Latin Quarter American For Beginners ROCKIN' HORSE RH 110
86 Pilkington Foster Listen Land ROCKIN' HORSE RH 111
86 Latin Quarter  No Rope As Long As Time  ROCKIN' HORSE RH 112
87 Latin Quarter Nomzamo ROCKIN' HORSE RH 113
87 Latin Quarter I Together ROCKIN' HORSE RH 114
87 Blue Zone  Thinking About His Baby  ROCKIN' HORSE RH 115
87 Blue Zone  On Fire ROCKIN' HORSE RH 116