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 Independent label: Rockney Was Owned By Bob England, Chas And Dave Manager.  Most Of The Company'S Releases Came Out In The First Half Of The '80S, But A Couple Of Singles Appeared In The '70S: 'The Sideboard Song' (Emi-2986; 8/79) And 'What A Miserable Saturday Night' (Emi-5002; 1979).  Catalogue Numbers Were Borrowed From The Main Emi Series At This Point.  In 1980 Distribution Was Taken On By Pinnacle And A Rockney-0 Series Was Adopted, Apparently Starting At Rockney-9.  After A Move To Towerbell / Prt In 1981 This Became Kor-0, The Kors Taking Over Where The Rockeys Left Off, Rockney-10 Being Followed By Kor-11.  There Were Occasional Records By Other Artists On The Label: Mike Berry And Clarence 'Frogman' Henry Both Contributed Singles. Rockney Expired In 1986. Distributed By Pinnacle and EMI Records.

80 Chas & Dave Rabbit ROCKNEY  ROCKNEY 9
80 Chas & Dave Poor Old Nr Woogie ROCKNEY  ROCKNEY 10
81 Chas & Dave Turn The Noise Down ROCKNEY  KOR 11
81 Chas & Dave Stars Over 45 ROCKNEY  KOR 12
81 Not Traced ROCKNEY  KOR 13
82 Chas & Dave Ain'T No Pleasing You ROCKNEY  KOR 14
82 Chas & Dave Margate ROCKNEY  KOR 15
82 Chas & Dave Love Song ROCKNEY  KOR 16
83 Chas & Dave London Girls ROCKNEY  KOR 17
83 Berry Mike Every Little While ROCKNEY  KOR 18
83 Chas & Dave Beer Barrel Banjos ROCKNEY  KOR 19
83 Henry Clarence That Old Piano ROCKNEY  KOR 20
83 Chas & Dave My Melancholy Baby ROCKNEY  KOR 21
84 Chas & Dave There In Your Eyes ROCKNEY  KOR 22
84 Chas & Dave I Wonder In Whose Arms Your In ROCKNEY  KOR 23
84 Chas & Dave Harry Was A Champion ROCKNEY  KOR 24
84 Chas & Dave Rock 'N'N Roll Jamboree ROCKNEY  KOR 25
84 Chas & Dave You'Re Just In Love ROCKNEY  KOR 26
84 Not Isued ROCKNEY  KOR 27
84 Chas & Dave Halley'S Comet ROCKNEY  KOR 28
86 Chas & Dave Snooker Loopy ROCKNEY  POT 1