Independent label: Rollin' Rock was, and still is, an American Rockabilly label.  It started life as a magazine for enthusiasts of the genre.  Letters from readers asking where they could get hold of old records prompted boss Ronny Weiser to lease some rare sides by Jim Patton and make them available on his own label; and Rollin' Rock Records was born.  Since the release of its first single, in 1972, it has not only reissued old Rockabilly records; it has made new recordings of heroes of the genre, such as Ray Campi and Charlie Feathers, and has fostered new talent in that area of music.  Rollin' Rock's singles were made available in Britain by Swift Record Importers, of Bexhill-on-Sea, in 1979. Rollin' Rock records had an official pressed-in-Britain release in the early '80s, via Mike Comerford Rondelet Music & Records. Former Address 98 Marples Avenue Mansfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire NG19  9HB. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

81 Ray Campi  King Ot Texas Rockabilly ROLLIN' ROCK RR 001