Independent label: The Rolling Stones' own label. Rolling Stones Records was set up in 1971, with Marshall Chess as label manager and Atlantic as distributor in the USA; the idea was for it to feature and develop new talent discovered by the Stones, but that never really happened.  Apart from a few things by Peter Tosh and a group called Kracker, the label's output consisted of records by the Rolling Stones as individuals and as a group.  British distribution was by WEA in the early '70s.  EMI took over in 1978.  Singles had their own RS 19100 catalogue numbers during the WEA period; during the EMI years they initially shared EMI's singles series, before being given an RSR-100 series of their own.  The company continued on to 1991; it never had its name on its label, the 'lips' logo being reckoned sufficient identification. Distributed By EMI, WEA and CBS Records.

84 Rolling Stones Brown Sugar [Re-Issue] ROLLING STONE  SUGAR 1
86 Rolling Stones Harlem Shuffle ROLLING STONE  A 6864
86 Rolling Stones One Hit To The Body ROLLING STONE  A 7160
89 Rolling Stones Mixed Emotions ROLLING STONE  655193 7
89 Rolling Stones Rock And A Hard Place ROLLING STONE  655422 7
90 Rolling Stones Almost Hear Yoy Sigh ROLLING STONE 656065 7
90 Rolling Stones Terrifying (7" Remix) ROLLING STONE 656122 7
91 Rolling Stones Highwire ROLLING STONE 656756 7
91 Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday [Live] ROLLING STONE 656892 7