Independent label: Rot Records was a Punk label run by members of the band Riot Squad No longer active. Had a Sublabel: Slam Records. Rot Records Former Address: 39 Bolsover Street Mansfield Notts NG18 2PS. Distributed By Rot Record.


83 Riot Squad Don'T Be Denied [ Ep ] ROT ASS 1
83 Riot Squad I'M Ok Fuck You ROT ASS 2
84 Riot Squad There Ain'T No Solution [ Ep ] ROT ASS 3
84 Various Artists Wet Dreams (Album) ROT ASS 4
84 Clockwork Soldier Wet Dreams ROT ASS 5
84 Resistance 77 Viva La Resistance ROT ASS 6
84 Animal Farm Model Soldier ROT ASS 7
84 Paranoia Shattered Glass ROT ASS 8
84 Enemy Last But Not Least ROT ASS 9
84 Various Artists Two Ninety Nine (Album) ROT ASS 10
84 Paranoia Shattered Glass (Album) ROT ASS 11