Independent label: Rutland Records was run by the band  Po!, who was an indie rock band formed in Leicester in 1987. With releases dating up to 1998 on there own label Rutland Records. Po! was originally formed by Ruth Miller (vocals and guitar), with Julian Glover (bass) and Mark Fuccio (drums). Rutland Records Former Address: P.O.Box 132 Leicester LE2 0QS.Distributed By Rutland Records.

88 Po! Glass King (Flexi) RUTLAND RUT  01
89 Waiting List Three Ghosts RUTLAND RUT 2
89 Originals Chocolate Box RUTLAND RUTEP 03
89 Waiting List True West   RUTLAND RUTEP 4
90 Not Traced RUTLAND RUTEP 5
91 Ammonites Head Full Of Strange RUTLAND RUTEP 06
91 Po! Grains Of Sand RUTLAND RUTEP 7
92 Po! Treasure EP RUTLAND RUTEP 8
95 Halftime Oranges  Peel Park EP RUTLAND RUTEP 9
95 Supereight  From Psychedelia To Psychosis   RUTLAND RUTEP 10
97 Po! The Alphabet Ep RUTLAND RUTEP 11

94 Po! Northern Wonder RUTLAND RUTSY 1