Independent label: Paul Betts and Chris Freer were friends living in Barrow-upon-Soar in Leicestershire. They previously ran a Punk fanzine called Terminally Blitzed' which ran from September 1977 to April 1978 and featured local and national bands. By 1979 they set up a new fanzine, the title of which varied with each issue but was always "S+T" eg Sin & Tonic, Smooth & Tight, Sorts & Type etc. They met up with Kevin 'Reverb' Bayliss and Mike 'Dawkeye' Dawkins. S+T Consortium Former Address: c/o Street Music 28 Gopsall Street Highfields Leicester. Paul Betts  decided to form a record label and S+T Recordings was born. The four would pay all the production costs and individual bands would pay their own recording costs. They then split the records 50-50 and make our respective monies back. A pub band called The Amber Squad got in touch. They came up with a self-penned tracks as the first S+T single. Distributed By S+T Records.

80 Amber Squard Put My Finger On You S&T ST 1
80 Observers   This Age S&T ST 2
81 Future Toys Perfect Strangers S&T ST 3