Independent label: Satril Former Address: Satril House, 444 Finchley Road, London NW2 2HY. Satril was the label of the Henry Hadaway Organisation.  It started life as a management agency in 1969, and issued its first batch of records in 1972-3.  At least nine were released, in a SAT-0 numerical series. In 1975 Henry Hadaway Organisation signed a three-year licensing deal with Pye, and a new numbering system (SAT-100) Satril took off again.  When the licensing deal expired, in 1978, Satril switched to WEA for manufacture and distribution; the catalogue numbering was unchanged and the label remained fundamentally the same.  In 1980 the numbering system general changed to HH and then to SAT 500 series. Distributed By Spartan Records.

82  Dunn & Bruce Street  Shout For Joy SATRIL SAT  500
82 Amuzement Park Groove Your Blues Away SATRIL 7 SAT  501
82 Dunn & Bruce Street Shout For Joy SATRIL SAT  500
82 Aberdeen Football Club Phone Home SATRIL SAT  501
82 Ashes & Stars Going Home SATRIL 7 SAT  502
82 Dunn & Bruce Street If You Come With Me SATRIL SAT  503
82 Ashes & Stars Beat Goes On SATRIL SAT  504
83 Fresh Face Huero Dancing SATRIL SAT  505
83 Moore Jackie Holding Back SATRIL 7 SAT  506
83 Eleanor Grant  Name Your Game SATRIL SAT  507
83 Lynch Kenny They Don'T Know You SATRIL SAT  508
83 Rich Mix I'Ve Got The Love SATRIL SAT  509
83 Lynch Kenny Half A Day'S Gone And We Haven'T  SATRIL 7 SAT  510
83 Lynch Kenny Shotgun SATRIL SAT  511
85 Flip I'Ll Be There SATRIL SAT  520
85 Watson John L Don'T Blame It On Love SATRIL SAT  521
85 France Give Him A Great Big Kiss SATRIL SAT  522