Independent label: Soldier Dolls formed 1981, feat; David 'DKA' Alderman - Guitar, Andrew 'Fester' Mae - Vocals, Bob 'Slow Bob' Humphries - Bass, David 'Evvo' Evans - Drums. This line up stayed together until 1983 when Evo and Bob left to play heavy metal. In 1984 the Soldier Dolls self-released their debut EP, 'What Do They Know?', on their very own Scream Records, the label being ran by guitarist DKA. Later that year, they recorded their second EP, which was unleashed by Scream late in 85. Partially funded this time around by Revolver/Cartel, who were handling distribution duties Distributed By Revolver/Cartel.

85 Soldier Dolls What Do They Know SCREAM SCREAM 001
85 Soldier Dolls A Taste Of Blood SCREAM SCREAM 002