Independent label: The Apostles were formed in the Islington area of London in 1979 by William 'Bill' Corbett (vocals), Julian Portinari (bass), Dan McIntyre (drums) and Pete Byng-Hall (guitar). The band almost immediately released their first demo, via their own Scum Tapes label. The group recorded over 10 demo cassettes, 4 7" singles and 7 12" LP's between mid-1984 and 1990. Distributed By.

82 Apostles Blow It Up Burn It Down Kick It Till It Breaks SCUM SCUM 1
83 Apostles Rising From The Ashes SCUM SCUM 2
84 Apostles Curse Of The Creature SCUM SCUM 3
84 Apostles The Giving Of Love Costs Nothing  SCUM SCUM 4