Independent label: Self Immolation Label set up in the early 1980s by J.G. Thirlwell to release his Foetus records. Some records were joint-released with Some Bizzare. The Foetus Of Excellence, catalog number "FOE 1" was a box to hold all the Foetus 12" and LP vinyl releases that had been issued up to that point in 1985 on Self Immolation, and included a "Foetus Of Excellence" t-shirt, all designed by J.G. Thirlwell. Limited to 836 pieces, exactly enough to break even, it became the one and only object ever to make the UK pop charts, without any audio recording included! It was sold as such and wasn't free promotional material (specified on the box cover design: Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel + Foetus Art Terrorism + You've Got Foetus Under Your Breath + Foetus Uber Frisco + Foetus Over Frisco + Foetus Über Alles + Foetus Under Glass + Phillip & His Foetus Vibrations + Foetus In Your Bed + Foetus Flesh + The Foetus All Nude Revue + Foetus On The Beach; "The Foetus Of Excellence"). Self Immolation Records Former Address: 35 Brackenbury Road, London N2. Distributed By.

81 You've Got Foetus On Your Breath Wash It All Off SELF IMMOLATION WOMB ALL 7
85 Foetus Under Glass Okfm SELF IMMOLATION WOMB S 201
82 Phillip & His Foetus Vibrations Tell Me, What Is The Bane Of Your Life SELF IMMOLATION WOMB KX 07