Independent label: Bogshed were an independent band formed in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, in 1984, originally as The Amazing Roy North Penis Band. The band formed in early 1984 and comprised Phil Hartley (vocals), Mark McQauid (guitar), Mike Bryson (bass guitar), and Tris King (drums). Bryson also produced the cover art for the band's releases. Distributed By Backs and the Cartel.

86 Bogshed Morning Sir SHELFISH SHELF 1
86 Bogshed Step On It (Album) SHELFISH SHELF 2
87 Bogshed Tried And Tested Public Speaker (12") SHELFISH SHELF 3
87 Bogshed Brutal (Album) SHELFISH SHELF 4
87 Bogshed Stop Revolving SHELFISH SHELF 5
87 Bogshed Excellent Girl  SHELFISH SHELF 6