Independent label: A dead ringer for Mick Ronson you would have thought that British singer-songwriter Jeff Briggs would have capitalised on his looks by joining a Spiders From Mars tribute band. But he was quite content to play on the British cabaret circuit churning out cod country and western fodder including two privately-pressed discs. The first presents a quartet of country covers including Jim Reeves. He appears on the cover with a German Shepherd but from the way he's holding the poor pooch perhaps he was taking his idea of friendship a little too far! The later 'Memories' EP takes Jeff's apparent dog fixation further. Here there's not only a mutt on the cover but we are treated to the self-penned Scruffy's Song Jeff was in-house entertainer at Swansons Hotel, Jersey in the Channel Islands. Distributed By.

82 Jeff Briggs  Memories SHERPA TR 16778
82 Jeff & Co Scruffy'S Song SHERPA SPA 001