Independent label: Shaft

Records Shift Records was setup by Bobby Henry. David Scott began writing songs while a teenager in Glasgow in the early '80s. In the summer of 1984, Scott played his earliest bedroom efforts to local musician Bobby Henry, who offered to put a pair of them on The Shift Compilation, an anthology of Glasgow bands released on Henry's own Shift Records. Released under the band name Chewy Raccoon, a joke name that stuck, the songs attracted enough attention that Scott and the band were signed to Shift's distributor, Phonogram, which released the group's sole single, "Don't Touch Me," in August 1985. The single flopped, Scott was dropped by Phonogram, and the Chewy Raccoon name was, thankfully, retired. Distributed By Phonogram.

84 Various Artists Shift - The Shift Records Compilation ‎(Album) SHIFT SHIFT 1
85 Not Traced SHIFT SHIFT 2
85 Chewy Racoon Don'T Touch Me SHIFT SHIFT 3