Independent Reggae label: Ainsworth Roy Rushton Shirley (18 July 1944 July 2008), better known simply as Roy Shirley, and also known as King Roy Shirley and The High Priest, was a Jamaican singer whose career spanned the ska, rocksteady and reggae eras, and whose "Hold Them" is regarded by some as the first ever rocksteady song. He was also one of the original members of The Uniques. Shirley was born on North Street in Kingston, Jamaica, on 18 July 1944. Roy Shirley died at his home in Thamesmead, London, in July 2008, aged 63. Shirley opened a record shop in Dalston, London, and in his later years he set up the British Universal Talent Development Association, with the aim of supporting talented but underprivileged youngsters. Distributed By Shirley Records.

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