Independent label: Shotgun Charlie Records Former Address: 35 Winnington Road, West End, Birmingham B8 2QH. Briar were formed in 1979, by school friends Kevin Griffiths (Vox/Guitar), Dean Cook (Drums), Dean Rogers (Guitar) & David Tattum (Bass), In 1982 the first Briar 7" single was released on (producer/writer Muff Murfin's) Worcester indie label Happy Face Records. The band manager George Bond set up his own label Shotgun Charlie Records and put out 7" Gimme All You Got, this marked the return of Briar to their powerchord pop/metal roots, but years of struggle/success/struggle had taken its toll on the band and the first to leave the ranks was Dave Fletcher, then Darren Underwood, by 1992 the lineup had almost totally changed Kevin Billington (Vox), Kevin Griffiths (Bass & Vox), Dean Cook (Drums & B.V's), Mark Carleton (Guitar) & Jez Prosser (Keyboards). The band put out one more single "All She Wants" & an album "Hard Times", the album being a neat keyboard/Bon Jovi'esque release. But alas by 1993 Briar was no more. Distributed By Shotgun Charlie Records.

89 Briar Gimme All You Got SHOTGUN CHARLIE SCR 1
89 Briar All She Wants SHOTGUN CHARLIE SCR 2