Independent label: Sixty Nine Records was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat mumber SR5TKS375. This band Onslaught were from the London area. They were around before the other onslaught from west country and there was problems with having the same name. This single - my generation/angel of mercy was release in September 1983 and reached numer 9 in the Uk indi charts above "the smiths" who were at number 12. The band backed Tobruk at brighton and played many gigs in the south, Norwich being the farthest north. The band split in 1985 when Dale Catt the guitarist song writer quit. They were way ahead of their time performing an early grunge type music 5 years before grunge took off. had they remained together they could have led the way in this genure. Band Members Singer Neil Gallagher (deceased) guitar & backing vocals - Dale Catt Guitar - Tony Hodges Base - Ian Gallaher Drums - Robin (Reg) Summers. Distributed By Rough Trade.

85 Onslaught My Generation  SIXTY NINE 69-D-17